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  • Skin Tags

    When it comes to banishing skin tags, warts and verrucas. Cyropen Inc. is an innovator in the beauty industry responsible for developing and designing an incredible system. Used by family practice physicians, obstetricians, general practice physician’s dermatologists and internists across the country. Today the Cyropen Cryosurgical System is recognised as the most advanced technology available within the cryosurgery field.

    Utilising a state-of-the-art cooling technology involving linear compression the Cryopen doesn’t require handling dangerous cryogenic liquids and gases as used in the past. In addition to avoiding exposure to dangerous chemicals the precision and consistency of the pen freezes temperatures minimising the risk of serious burns.

    With the Cyropen, there is minimal scarring and no need for anaesthetics. The Cryopen even makes cryosurgery easier for the staff involved, as they no longer have to handle hazardous chemicals.

  • How Does the Cryopen Work?

    The Cryopen works by using extreme cold as a way of treating a particular area. During treatment, the blemish is frozen with a method that is virtually pain-free, and when the area thaws, a scab develops which allows normal healing processes to take place. Sometimes, patients find that the area is whiter than surrounding tissue after healing, but pigment should return over time.

  • What is the Cryopen?

    The Cryopen is a state-of-the-art, high-tech treatment that uses extreme cold as a way of painlessly and safely removing unwanted warts, skin tags, moles, keloids, and hyperpigmentation.

    Without any need for chemicals or scalpels, the Cryopen can effectively and safely get rid of unwanted skin problems with no pain, no scarring, and no fuss.

  • How Is Cryopen Better than Other Methods?

    The Cryopen wart and mole removal treatment solution requires no anaesthesia as it is virtually pain-free; it also creates less scarring when compared to other more traditional techniques for the removal of skin lesions.

  • How Long Does Treatment Take?

    The amount of time that a Cryopen treatment will take depends on the lesion in question. Typically, an average freeze time will be between five seconds for a flat, small wart, to 120 seconds for a fully-thickened lesion. From a general perspective, most lesions will take between 30 and 60 seconds.

  • What is Cryosurgery?

    Cryosurgery is the approach that uses the application of extreme cold to remove blemishes and lesions.

  • Will there be Scarring?

    In most circumstances, cryosurgery will leave minimal scarring compared to any other method of removing lesions, thanks to the relatively small amount of connective tissue damage caused. A hypo-pigmented lesion may be present because of increased whiteness, but will eventually darken.

  • Is the Procedure Painful?

    Patients may experience a slight tingling sensation during the initial freezing process, but the extreme cold often offers an anaesthetic effect that allows them to avoid any discomfort or pain. As the area begins to thaw out, patients may experience a pinching sensation, and some individuals feel a slight discomfort for the first day following the procedure. Usually, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are recommended to manage the pain.

  • Will My Activities be Limited and for How Long?

    Following your procedure, you will not have any limitations on your activities; you will only be asked to protect the
    treated area from abrasion or damage. The same amount of care should be given to the area as would be given to
    a second degree burn or blister.

  • Can You Describe the Procedure?

    During a cryosurgery procedure, the area will be frozen and turn white. After the area thaws, the area will flush red, and the patient may feel a pinching sensation as a wheal forms. The wheal will then turn into a blister which may last for three to five days before scabbing, and the scab will fall away naturally within 2 weeks.

    Depending on the freezing procedure involved, a new scab may then form and repeat the healing process, meaning that the lesion should be healed within 2 to 6 weeks. After healing occurs, the area may seem whiter due to a loss of melanocytes.

Skin Tags, Warts and Verrucae Removal
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Skin Tags, Warts and Verrucae Removal Birmingham
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Skin Tags, Warts and Verrucae Removal Birmingham
Crystal Clear Skin Tag Treatments in Birmingham
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