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Semi Permanent Make up in Birmingham

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  • Semi-Permanent Makeup

    For many women semi-permanent makeup can offer long-term solutions to a variety of different beauty concerns. From filling an aging lip line to restoring the natural appearance of breasts after cancer related surgeries. Semi-permanent makeup can help to enhance a youthful appearance and can offer a fantastic alternative to Anti-wrinkle Treatment and fillers. It can also be used for a wide range of treatments including; eyebrow tattoos, lip enhancements and scar coverage.

  • What Can Be Achieved with Semi-Permanent Makeup?

    Often, when people consider semi-permanent makeup they automatically see harsh tattooed lines, which have been etched into the skin turning an unnatural colour and looking increasingly strange as the skin ages. However, the truth is that modern techniques have allowed for the delivery of results that are far from this unflattering picture.

    The different techniques used to apply semi-permanent makeup are capable of creating fine lines of light colour, which can be layered subtly over the skin to give natural results that are indistinguishable from your regular makeup. Often, great results can be achieved with popular techniques such as lip enhancement and eyebrow tattoos. This means no worrying about doing your make up in the morning!

  • Why permanent cosmetics?

    The purpose of these procedures is to raise self-confidence, and to allow for a more active lifestyle, as well as saving time!
    The positive results of permanent makeup:

    • Scar Camouflage
    • Alopecia
    • Allergies to cosmetics
    • Unsteady Hands
    • Contact lens sensitivities
    • Areola Restoration
    • Visual impairments
    • Before and after Chemotherapy

    Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for who are/have:

    • Physically active
    • People who want to look their best throughout activities such as;
      Swimmers, gym bunnies, bikers, tennis players, who don’t want to have to worry about “sweating off” or having to reapply cosmetics.
    • Allergies and Sensitive Skin
    • These people often can’t wear most cosmetics so permanent makeup is the perfect alternative.
    • Visually Impaired
    • People who have difficulty applying their makeup, due to poor eyesight, or unsteady hands.
    • Models/ Entertainers / Dancers
    • Who have to look good at ALL times and have no time for makeup.
    • Women/men Who want to look their best all the time, even when they wake up.
    • Mothers
    • And for people who are TIME STARVED for conventional makeup.

    Let us help you achieve a more youthful, more striking look every single day!
    Be permanently beautiful, all day, every day no matter who we are or what our age.

Semi-Permanent Makeup
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Semi Permanent Makeup
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