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  • Non-Surgical Facelifts: An Introduction

    A dual treatment for tightening and lifting. Non-surgical facelifts can offer a great alternative to more invasive options. The treatment delivers crystals onto the skin at high speeds for a deep exfoliation, this removes any dead skin cells on the surface. While the crystals are at work the radio frequency waves penetrate the skin for benefits that are just as impressive as a surgical facelift. The benefits can be seen within as little as one to two treatments. The radio frequency soundwaves that are used stimulates fibroblasts within the dermis which increases the collagen production. As the new collagen develops an improvement in the skins appearance develops and helps to reduce any signs of ageing.

    Both the face and hands are treatable with this technique. For best results, we recommend a course of six treatments.

Non Surgical Face Lift
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Non Surgical Face Lifts
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Treatments Price
Single Treatment £150
3 Treatments £360
6 Treatments £575
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