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Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham - The difference between Hair Removal

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  • How does Laser Hair Removal work?

    Lasers work by emitting an intense beam of light at a very specific wavelength, which is designed to pass safely through the upper layers of skin, and be absorbed and converted to heat at the hair follicle. Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is used for laser hair removal, and it works by producing a pulse of high-intensity light that will eradicate the root of the hair, without damaging the surrounding skin. This process is known as “selective photothermolysis”; the heat fully destroys the hair follicle, preventing the further regrowth of hair. In other words, you get permanently silky smooth skin.
Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment
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Laser Hair Removal Pricing Guide

Treatment 6 Courses 8 Courses
Level 1 £176 £210
Eyebrows or Nose
Earlobes or Fingers
Toes or Nipples
Navel Pubis
Level 2 £202 £240
Upper Lip
Cheek Bone or Chin
Hands (inc Fingers)
Level 3 £227 £270
Jawline or Sideburns
Underarms or Feet
Level 4 £290 £345
Bikini Line or Neck
Upper Lip and Chin
Level 5 £338 £402
Lower or Upper Arms
Upper Lip, Chin and Jawline
Treatment 6 Courses 8 Courses
Level 6 £378 £450
Chest or Buttocks
Half Face (with Neck +£10)
Level 7 £504 £600
Lower Leg or Thighs
Full Arms
Full Face
Level 8 £756 £900
Full Leg or Full Back
Level 9
Bridal Package £1620 £1500
Full Legs + Full Arms + Bikini Line
Navel and Underarms
Men's Grooming £1260 £1500
All Chest, Abdomen, Full Back
Shoulders and Underarms
Level 10 £2016 £2400
Full Body Package
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