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  • 3D Lipo - Fat Freezing

    The new treatment known as “3D Lipo” offered by Crystal Clear Skin makes use of cryolipolysis technology – a new and non-invasive alternative to traditional and invasive liposuction treatments. Cryolipolysis is a form of slimming procedure that utilises controlled cooling science to reduce the appearance of fat bulges that might be difficult to remove through diet and exercise – such as tummy fat and love handles.

    Many of us suffer with stubborn fat that continues to cling to our physique, regardless of how much we devote our time to exercise and diet. Fortunately, through the use of cryolipolysis, advanced technology can target and cool problematic areas – removing the fat cells that are unwanted, without causing damage to any surrounding tissues. As a result, without the need for any invasive procedures or painful surgeries, the weeks that follow treatment allow fat cells to be eliminated from the body naturally and painlessly.

  • What is Cryolipolysis?

    The term “cryolipolysis” can be broken down into sections – the first part, “cryo”, translates to cold or freezing; “lipo” means fat, and “lysis” indicates breaking apart. When combined then, the term cryolipolysis means breaking apart fat cells through a process of cooling or freezing. During a treatment, the fat cells that are exposed to the cold will begin to disintegrate through a natural process of cell death known as apoptosis. During this procedure, the lipids that are released as a result will be eliminated progressively by the natural metabolic activities that take place over the following three months. Often, taking part in regular exercise during this time can help to eliminate lipids more quickly.

    Importantly, cryolipolysis only has an impact on fat cells, since these are more sensitive to cold than other cells within the body. In other words, though the fat can be removed through this procedure, the surrounding skin will not be damaged in any way, nor will any nerves or muscle fibres. This non-invasive method of fat removal provides a great alternative to liposuction for people who would prefer to avoid the recuperation time and risks associated with surgical procedures. Often, the best results are obtained in patients that are already within a healthy weight range, and have a good diet – but want to remove bulges and resistant fat.

  • What Does the Procedure Involve?

    The 3D Liposuction equipment used for the cryolipolysis procedure will be placed onto the area in need of
    treatment by a trained professional. The suction mechanism of the equipment draws the fatty bulge in between two cooling panels, and holds it there for a time while the device extracts heat from the tissues. During the process, the LipoFreeze Ultra Slim device will maintain a consistent temperature for treatment between -8 degrees Celsius and -5 degrees. Most sessions using this treatment can last for a period of one hour per area.

    At Crystal Clear Skin, our exclusive device for 3D LIPO allows us the use of two separate hand pieces, unlike the majority of other locations that typically use a single hand piece only. Because of this, we are able to treat different and larger areas of the body simultaneously, which means that you get more value for the money you spend on treatment, while reducing your need to return to the office for further procedures. For instance, unlike with traditional equipment, we are able to treat both sides of your stomach during a session, or target both of your love handles at the same time. In other words, you are charged a single fee for both love handles, rather than needing to return for a second delivery of treatment.

    Our prices are affordable too, starting at only £129 for 2 areas, or 2 cups.

  • What Makes Cryolipolysis Different?

    On a basic level, cryolipolysis procedures differ from other forms of liposuction because they offer a non-invasive and largely pain-free way to rid the body of unwanted bulges and fat. While other methods used for fat removal primarily involve damaging fat through heat, focused ultrasound, or chemical injections, cryolipolysis approaches body sculpting from a different angle, by using pain-free cooling technology.

    While each alternative approach to liposuction can present various technical challenges, particularly when it comes to targeting the right depth in the tissue, and avoiding unintentional damage to surrounding structures and skin close to the fat layer, cryolipolysis doesn’t have this problem. The cryolipolysis method induces apoptosis in fat cells, and nothing else, allowing for the fat layer to be reduced gradually and effectively, while still protecting all other tissue.

    Perhaps most importantly of all, the results that you receive from your treatment with the 3D LIPO cryolipolysis procedure at Crystal Skin will be long-term. Once fat cells have been treated, they are often gone for good, which means you don’t have to come back for further treatments or follow up procedures in the future.

  • When Will I See Results

    Unlike with the 3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation device – which can provide instant results – clients may need to be somewhat more patient with the 3D LIPO cryolipolysis procedure. Usually, results will begin to become visible about three months after the session, often with a significant reduction in the thickness of obvious fat of up to 40%.

    Patients may also find that further treatments allow them to lose further centimetres of fat.  Importantly, cryolipolysis allows for a permanent elimination of fat cells within localised areas, and the high-technology abilities of the device also ensure results that are natural and homogeneous. Clients can also choose to combine their 3D Lipo Cavitation solution with 3D cryolipolysis to achieve the best possible results.

  • Other Information

    Because appointments can be made by arrangement only, we do advise that our clients phone us before planning a visit to ensure that the information above is current. We also offer a discreet and private service for our clients, which means that we cannot provide a casual drop-in service.

3D Fat Freezing in Birmingham


The fat cells from ‘Trouble Zones’ such as Tummy, Thighs, Love Handles and Bingo Wings

3D Fat Freezing Treatment
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3D Fat Freezing Treatment
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How does 3D Fat Freezing Work?

Crystal Clear Skin How does 3D Fat Freezing Work

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3D Fat Freezing in Birmingham
3D Fat Freezing in Birmingham
3D Fat Freezing in Birmingham
3D Fat Freezing in Birmingham
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